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How many teachers will teach the class?

At the moment the free sessions are held with two or more teachers with promotional intent. But the sessions will generally be taught by a single teacher.

Can I choose the teacher?

At “Learn-Point” we have a wide variety of teachers with the experience and skills necessary to successfully contribute to the integral development of children. So in all subjects you will have the opportunity to choose a teacher for each session.

How do I contact the teachers?

All contact with the teachers and the sessions that they will teach can be through the platform, since through it we can sponsor the information, the necessary prior material and access to the zoom rooms. In addition to guiding you in any doubt or clarification you may have.


What times are there for the sessions?

 At “Learn-Point” we want to adjust to your daily routine and contribute to the development of your children. That is why we offer different schedules throughout the day and week, with different teachers to be with you when necessary. Can't find a teacher, topic, or schedule? Contact us, we will take care of finding a teacher with the right profile.

Are they individual or group classes?

At "Learn-Point" we care that children continue their learning even and with the situation of social distancing. That is why we handle group and individual schemes for the sessions. At the moment, the free sessions are group sessions and taught by two or more teachers.

How do I register for sessions?

We want to meet you and be part of this family, where the most important thing is support and that learning does not stop for children. Register for the free sessions that we are offering in the events section by clicking aquí.

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